“Who I am and Why I’m here”

Being a competitive female athlete, I have personally notice the differences men and women face when it comes to the sport they are involved in. I have played softball and soccer for as long as I can remember and never truly understood why the rules and appearances of the games were much different from the men’s games I would watch growing up. Men and women also face contrasting opinions when it comes down to the levels of aggression that deems acceptable for them. I am not looking to promote women’s sports teams or bash on men’s sports teams, I am just trying to surface the differences between the two and explain why that is. My blog is intended more-so for women it seems, because being a female, I tend to have an unintentional bias towards them; however that it not the case. My audience is strictly made for athletes everywhere and people who watch sports and just want to learn about why they are different. The reason I chose to blog about this topic was because it has such a wide fan-base and participants that I felt the need to share my thoughts and opinions about the matter to these people. In this blog I tend to focus on the reasons for why baseball and softball are vastly different, why both men and women need to have their own leagues, why aggression levels range differently between the two, and also my personal experiences with dealing with the differences. I also was partially persuaded into blogging about men and women sports because of the Olympics that have recently begun. I see the differences everyday on the fields and I just want to explain why there seems to be two different meanings for one game. I just hope that my viewers will not look at this as a history lesson, but an eye opener for them.


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