Knock, knock. Who’s there? Sportsmanship!

seeing men and women put their differences aside for the Olympics.

The Wellesley News

By Victoria hills ’14,

Co-Editor in Chief

The Olympics are the best. If I’m feeling patriotic, I can strut around campus crowing about Canada’s stellar performance so far in the Games. If I’m feeling shallow, I’ll sit in wait for close-ups on gorgeous Olympians at the pinnacle of human fitness. And if I feel an inferiority complex setting in, I YouTube Olympic fails and cackle at highly trained Olympians goofing up all over the screen.

But even at my shallowest and most self-indulgent, I never stop appreciating the true purpose of the Games. I adore the Olympics because they remind us that even when people’s differences seem insurmountable, even when our world seems more frightening than peaceful, people can always find common ground. Every two years we get to spend two weeks watching men and women put aside their differences for the sake of competition. Languages, religions and politics are…

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