Women Appeal

Things will NEVER change!!!!!

This blog I found greatly sums up the position in which women stand when it comes to sports! Women should not have to belittle themselves in order to raise endorsements to go to the Olympics. They should be properly recognized for their talents in the media and share the same coverage as the male athletes do. Why should women have to strip down to almost nakedness just to get the attention for fundraising? The Olympics was invented for athletes to represent their countries in an intense competition, not for guys to drool over the female athletes because they saw the athletes on Sports Illustrated half-naked. You hear guys getting sponsors and endorsements because they have great talent to offer their countries but women could also have that same ability but yet, they have to basically seduce and wear bikinis in order to get the coverage they already deserve.

“It’s important to remember that the Olympics are still largely a man’s world that the female athlete is just living in.” 

Being a female athlete, knowing all of this, I literally want to vomit! If I have enough talent to make it to the Olympics you bet your ass that I will make sure I get the proper recognition I deserve! Females in the Olympics have worked their asses off to make it and the media is not going to cover them?!?! Screw that! Women should just be able to get to the arena and play the sport, but nooooo!!! They have to beautify themselves because society tells them they have to. Guys get to look sweaty and gross and still get more recognition than women that have to add pounds of makeup on their face to appeal to the public. I’m sorry but if I am playing a sport, I will not put makeup on and them look like a complete clown when I sweat it all off!

Women will always get the shit end of the stick and that will always be the case!!



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