“Listen Up Ladies!!”

I can sense the determination in coach’s voice when she talks to us during our little pow wow. We were down by two in the championship game and we were all beat up and tired, but coach never gave up on us. Her strong words would forever be embedded in my mind:

“Listen up ladies I know you guys are tired and giving it your all, but I know you have more in you! Ace, you have been throwing your best game as far as I can tell and I think you can finish out strong just like I know you can! You have a whole team backing you up every step of the way, so don’t be nervous if it goes into play. Most of you guys have been playing together since you were little, so let’s finish this together! We have worked to damn hard to get sucker punched by the other team! We will fight till the very last inning and get what we came here for! We are done with the bush league crap, so let’s step it up a notch and beat those guys, because I know you can! There is a reason you all made it to this game, so why don’t we take it right out from under them! That trophy will be ours! Ace, I want you to scare the living piss out of them and pitch right in their kissers. We will run those bases ’round and ’round and we aren’t going to stop till we win!

Coached paused for a bit and held her finger to his beezer. You could tell she was getting emotional when she spoke:

“I smell that victory, ladies! I know you guys have it in you so let’s get out there and win this game! You guys earned so let’s take it from them! LET’S GO GET THAT WIN LADIES!!!!

We were so pumped up from the speech that we came back and won the game! Coach was never more proud of her team than she was that game! We owed it all to coach!


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