MVP does not mean Male Valuable Player

“Here she comes! Racing down the field..beating defenders one by one! She winds up and takes a shot!” The crowd stands silently watching the ball head for the net. “The goalie dives….and GOALLLL!!!!!! SHE SHOOTS AND SCORES! The game is over and she wins it for her team!”

One of my favorite movies to watch was called, Gracie. It was about this girl growing up always wanted to please her father but never could because she was a girl. The family loved soccer and when her older brother, her father’s pride and joy died from a fatal car crash, she wanted to join the soccer team in her brother’s place and beat their rivals. She asked her dad for help but he refused. She did whatever she could to make it even though everyone was keeping her from her dreams. She would practice day in and day out and fight the school board in order to at least try out for the boys team. You see, there was no female soccer team because not enough girls were interested in playing, so she chose the men’s team because that was all that was left.

I remember when it came down to her hearing, I listened to what the guys had to say about a girl possibly playing on the same team as them and they were brutally honest. All I really heard out of their mouths were that women were technically not “manly enough” to play a sport. This girl has trained for months and busted her ass to make it to tryouts and now se does not get the chance? That is bullshit! When it came down to the votes, it was split evenly and it was left for one person to decide her fate. She was able to try out but only made junior varsity. When she felt she deserved varsity position, she wanted to quit. But her dad finally came around to help her out and told her she deserved that spot and so she should take advantage of that. How many females can say that they made it on a man’s sports team? Probably not many, so Gracie worked hard on junior varsity and was then brought up to varsity to play in the game that she always wanted to be a part of; the rivalry game. She was not put in till the end of the game but she got tired of the guys pushing her around and beating her up on the field. That kind of energy went into her breakaway down the field. She blew past the guys left and right when they could not stop her she scored the winning goal. She did what her brother unfortunately never got to do, have that win!

This movie taught me so much and I think because she was a female underdog, that could be the reason as to why I love it so much! Gracie did what so many girls are to scared to do, which is make that change from diversity. Just because she is a girl, does not mean she can’t play with the boys. She tried out just like the rest of them and made it just like the rest of them and deserved that winning goal! The same guys that tortured her the entire time were the same guys that hugged her so much and cheered for her after she scored! How is that for a change?


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