“Women Crush Wednesday”

Abby Wambach, known for her gifted soccer abilities, played for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. Even growing up, she displayed great talent for the games she participated in. She was the youngest of seven children and always had a sense of roughness inside her because she was always messing around with her older brothers. I guess that introduced the side of Abby that so many people recognize nowadays. Growing up, Abby was big on playing basketball and soccer, of course and was named MVP, Player of the Year, and All-American on countless occasions because of her record-breaking statistics for the schools she attended. She was drafted on the Washington Freedom, a Women’s Professional Soccer team that would later introduce her to the best years of her life. In 2001, Wambach was named to the National team where she would surely make her mark, helping her team place in the FIFA World Cup. Even though they only got third, that would not be the last time the world has seen the U.S. team with Abby Wambach on it. She has made such a valuable impact for this team and continues to do so through this present time. This woman, has pushed through the limits and triumphed to being victorious for her country. She has made such a difference with this soccer team and it shows whenever the World Cup or Olympics roll around.

You see, women can make just as much of an impact on sports as men do. When you speak of general, amazing soccer players, more often than none her name would be mentioned. As she deserves to be credited for her talents, she has brought the teams to several gold medal rounds or championships in her time, so let’s give her that recognition she deserves! I am not saying she does it alone, of course she is a team player, I am only mentioning her because she seems to always find the net in every game she plays! And I am sure her teammates would agree to this just as much as I do. Way to go Abby Wambach!



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