“What A Girl Wants”

Every girl just wants to be given a chance, that is really what it all boils down to!

Women are looked down upon for reasons that only men can understand. We are looked at as weak. We are looked at as slower. We are looked at as being crazy to even think that we could play at the same level as the men do. But yet, even when we get those opportunities, they are altered to be more “suitable for women”. The slowdown the pace of the games, they add more restrictions and rules to the games. The list in endless and why is that? …..because we have different body parts than them?!?! How absurd is that??

Like for hockey, guys can hit guys against the boards all game long and no one questions them at all. But if a women hits another women against the boards, a penalty is called on them. If women choose to play a major contact sport, then why are they being monitored for safe contact? It’s hockey for god-sake! If I want to get the puck and the only way for me to get it is for me to throw my shoulder into the girl, then I should damn well be allowed to!

Every sport requires a certain level of abilities, when does it ever say that those athletes could only be men?? Women have been showing their strengths for far too long now and they deserve some lenience. Going back to hockey for a minute, the fact that there is an Olympic women’s hockey team but they can’t hit any other players completely boggles my mind! That does not even make the least bit of sense to me! They are good enough to make an Olympic team to represent their countries, but they can’t show their strengths and check one another, just like the men are allowed to?


Hockey will forever be a sport that inquires much physicality. Who died and assumed that women could not meet those qualifications? Thought so! There is no reason for it because well frankly, it is stupid. Women have worked their butts off just to make an Olympic team and they have to result to playing like children who can’t make contact with anyone?? LAMEEEEE That would be the day though, they day where women would finally be allowed to check other girls in hockey. I guess we have to take one step at a time but it will happen! I love contact sports and I always wanted to play hockey. So when I do learn how to skate and finally get to play, you best your asses I will be making contact with the other players!


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