“No Girls Allowed”

Sports Illustrated is a well-known magazine that represents the best of the best athletes. Did I once say that there was a gender provision for that would make the cover of the magazine? No, I did not because I did not think that there would be such a great imbalance between the male and female athletes. Granted I am not too surprised because males are always getting praised, even if they had a bad game or something. But records show

Book cover of Sports Illustrated: Exposure.

Book cover of Sports Illustrated: Exposure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

that Sports Illustrated is widely a male’s article, it is rare that you ever see a woman on the cover.

“No actively competitive female sports figures on SI cover since Olympic gymnast team July 2012.”

How crazy is that?!?!

In like  five year time span, you could count on just one hand of how many women made it to the cover of this magazine….ONE HAND! That is five max out, of all the talented, hard-working female athletes of the world.

And when you do see a woman on the cover, how many times would the athlete be wearing provocative clothing, such as bikinis? Probably almost all of them! How can young, striving female athletes want to be a part of a world-wide community if all they are looked at are “Barbie doll-like” figures? Why should we be happy, as female athletes, making it on the cover of one of the most popular sports magazines, when we have to be practically naked for it? Women are being looked at as objects for everyone to see, not for their talents that are the reasons they made it on the cover in the first place!

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