Pole-Vault World Rallies for Maggie’s Audiobook Campaign

It is good to see women being given some recognition for their accomplishments. For being such a well-known pole vaulting athlete, she deserves to have some kind acknowledgement for all her hard work. It is also very nice to see how many people are pushing for this for her.

Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

TaviaGilbertHeaderWithWords Tavia Gilbert has agreed to perform Maggie Vaults Over the Moon on audiobook!

Maggie Vaults Over the MoonMany of the biggest names in the worldwide pole-vaulting community have rallied behind the crowdfunding campaign to cover Tavia’s expenses, donating camp slots and other cool stuff for contributors, like you.

An Olympic-caliber talent, Tavia has been nominated six times for the Audie Award, which is equal to the Academy Award in her profession!

Author Grant Overstake says, “Having Maggie presented on audiobook by a great performer like Tavia will have a huge impact on our favorite sport.

“And, with regard to the perks and freebies we’ve lined up for people who step up and donate to the campaign, all I can say is — be prepared to be blown away.”

The 30-day fund-raising event begins March 1st.

Stay tuned for further details!

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