“Women Crush Wednesday”

Wilma Rudolph will forever be a name that will go down in history for track and field. Even though many of us today might not have recognized the name right away however, if they did some research they would find that she is a woman of great talent!

In 1960 she was the first American woman to have ever won three gold medals in track and field events. The thing that was so inspiring was that she grew up in braces and special walking shoes. She was told by doctors and people that she was to never walk again.

If this is not an act of great determination, I don’t know what is! I probably would have given up early on or just settled for the fact that I might never walk again if I was her, but no, she strived for what she wanted and got it.

This woman that went beyond her measures, made not only Olympic history, but history itself. She set the standards very high after her amazing accomplishments that she well-deserved.

If a woman can overcome the worst of polio and cheated death, then this woman deserves every right to wear her gold medals around her neck proudly. Honestly, hearing her story is remarkable, because not many people would have done what she did.

This just proves how tough women really are and how determined we are to make it to the big leagues and be recognized for the talents we surely do have!!



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