Money is ALL Object

The men strike again!!!

The male athletes once again, show that they matter more than the female athletes. Besides the many reasons of the lack of equality for all athletes, one in particular stood out to me:

Women athletes make much less money in their professional athletic stages of their lives than the men do and I never understood as to why that was. Women are playing at the same intensity level as the men, but yet they still fall short to them.

Orange Julius argues that women get paid less because they are not as good of athletes as the men. It is not a gender thing, so sexism was not an issue, but people seem to think that people would rather pay their money on tickets to see men play than women.


Male athletes are getting paid tens of millions of dollars while the best of the best female athletes only earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. I am not saying that chunk of money is bad; it is just that, it is so unfair! Women should not have to worry about gender equality discrepancies all the time and even playing the game they love, they still have to deal with it.

Male athletes are said to bring in more fans than female athletes and that is why they earn more, but the thing is, women have only been playing sports for so long. They were not always allowed to play sports because it was said to be a “man’s thing”. Women had to bust their butts just to have a right to play and now, still to this day, they are fighting for that spot.

I will tell you right now, if I had to choose between a baseball game and the U.S. women’s’ soccer game, I am so going to the soccer game! I think, well for some sports, women athletes are just tougher than the men, especially soccer. I hate watching guy’s soccer because they are babies.

Women are much tougher than the men are in soccer, without a doubt!!

But no….women soccer athletes still earn less than the male athletes…typical!

Just proves my consistent point that society does not want men and women to be equal and being an athlete only supports that argument even further.


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