Who really wears the pants??

And to think we were making progress towards equality in sports…

Women faced another issue when trying to earn their spots on sporting teams. Women were told they could wear shorts or skirts as uniforms. How thoughtful of them! Women had to wear revealing clothing when they played?? WHAT A SHOCKER THERE!!

Here we are, as women trying to earn the same opportunities as men on the field, and when we do, we have to dehumanize ourselves in order to fit in. Men wore pants for uniforms because they were thought to be more professional of sporting attire, but yet women had to wear short shorts or skirts when they played.

I just do not understand why there has to be so many differences between sports for men and women! We are all playing the same game, so why not make the rules and uniforms the same?

A blog I have recently read, explains how what men wear on the fields expresses masculinity because they are seen to be in a professional state of mind. I feel that if we looked at what women wear, we would not get the same reaction…AT ALL!!

It continues to be an on-going argument about whether to allow girls to wear pants for uniforms. I know that in my high school, we were allowed to wear either, but they did make a big stink about it! Women just want to look the part and professional and we all believed that pants could help us out there. Realistically, shorts are not the proper attire when it comes to playing softball. Other sports, yes but not this one.

Pants are just necessary for both genders to wear because of the professional look to them and it just makes sense. I wish that not everything women wanted to change, would be just a catastrophic thing and just let it happen…but no, why make things easy for everyone?

No matter the gender, when it comes down to playing softball or baseball, all athletes should wear pants for uniforms. It would be easier for sliding purposes and they just look nicer.


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