We started from the bottom, now we’re…..still there

It took them forever to finally add women to the Olympics, but I am not sure why it took quite this long. Women should have been just as much involved with the world-wide competition as the men were. In 1990 only 2.2% were female athletes, like what?? That was what like a few athletes, props to those females that got their chance!


But by 2012, the female athlete count for the Olympics jumped to 44.3% which is more like it!! That is pretty close to half of the total athletes competing in the Olympics. This is how it should be..and even amount of both gender athletes.


In an article I recently read, even though women were allowed in the Olympics, they still were not able to compete in a handful of the events. Women were excluded from weightlifting, boxing, cycling, wrestling, and water polo for the Summer Games while ice hockey and bobsledding were not offered to female athletes during the Winter Games.


This seriously annoys me, like I am sure that there were many women who trained their asses off for the Olympics, just to find out that they wasted their time and efforts because the Committee will not let them play in that event. That is stupid! Once women earned their way into the Olympics, they should not have been limited to the types of events they can participate in.


Women will always and forever be fighting this fight of equality, especially in sports! Sports are a “guy’s thing” and we should not even be thinking about changing that! I just like seeing how in today’s Olympics, the women athletic events are seemingly just as popular than the men’s. I know that when I watch the Olympics, there are plenty of events for female athletes that I do not want to miss.


I don’t know, I think it is because women are always fighting for equal opportunities that when I get to see them play, it is just so much fun to watch and entertaining for me! The intensity for women’s sports is just remarkable and you can definitely see it when they play.


We will fight to the finish! We are down but certainly not out!


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