A, B, C…Inequality

American sports will never truly allow women athletes to be equal with male athletes. Both genders deserve equal opportunities because they both earned the right to. Committees should see past the gender and allow women to play just as aggressively as the men do. Do you think men would really get bothered if women were given the same rules and chances as them? Every athlete should follow one standard and generic guideline of rules. Focus on the actual talent of the player, rather than the gender they belong to.


Get over it guys, women are making a comeback and we are not going anywhere!! Hell, I don’t see why gender was ever an issue in the first place! I am a female athlete, and it pisses me off seeing how different women athletes are treated. Just because men are selfish and stubborn, they get all the recognition, fame and money. Knock knock, who’s there, not women; because they were not allowed to play! Let women play as tough as the men do, if they want to risk injury then that is their choice, not someone else’s.


Men are just ignorant and it is annoying that they get everything handed to them and women have to work for it. No reason for women to to be treated this way or have to deal with this kind of segregation. Olympics should not be limiting what events women can participate in and what rules they must follow. People want to watch top athletes and not once did they say only male athletes. Questioning why women were never allowed to play back in the day. Reading magazines and  newspapers, I shouldn’t be only seeing male athletes. Salaries are another major difference when we are breaking down men and women athletes.


The females worked their butts off just to get a chance, only to not get the same recognition and media coverage as the guys do. Understanding the female athlete’s mind and needs will forever be a struggle for men. Venting about this issue won’t make a change, but I’m hoping that it will raise some kind of awareness. Wondering if this will always be the case or if things will change in the sporting world. X-rays are always available for athletes, including women athletes.


Yearning for that true sense of equality will always be embedded in female athlete’s minds. Zillions of women, now and in the future, want to see these changes not just discussed but PUT INTO ACTION!!!


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