Growing Apart…

“Girls aren’t as fast as boys, or strong or athletic. This is not me talking, it’s a scientific fact, girls can’t beat boys, it’s as simple as that.”

I always resented hearing these comments every day, probably because I am a female athlete. When I was younger, and I played on a co-ed soccer team and it was very enjoyable for me to experience playing alongside guys instead of just women. As I grew up, the teams segregated by genders and I never understood as to why. I mean, if it was okay for us to play with one another at a younger age, why couldn’t we just keep that going?

Dina Gentile offers her opinion stating that the only reason as to why sports were co-ed at a younger age was of the fact that the numbers were not high enough to divvy up the genders. I do not entirely agree with this only because it is never the same for all sports; some are more popular than others.

Even though the young boys and girls would offer very similar talent abilities, everyone had a chance to play. There was no dominate gender that played more than the other one; the players have worked hard at practices and they would play in return.

Growing up meant growing apart…

Even though there are co-ed teams for some sports, such as track and field, cheerleading, swimming, golf and wrestling, that still did not determine that men and women could compete against one another. I believe that they still only compete against players of their own gender, which does not help the overall cause that we are trying to subdue.

I am not saying that any of the sports I just mentioned are “not sports”, they are just not the breadwinners of the school. The major sports do not offer a bi-gender roster. discusses the pros and cons of joining both genders to play under one united team. It was split down the middle saying that women can offer different and needed talent that does not always show in male athletes. Then again, others feel that if women played alongside males, they would bring the intensity levels way down.

It is very frustrating to listen to people arguing that women do not bring the same kind of intensity as the men do. Well first of all, that is not possible anyways because men and women are naturally different, but why do they have to put female athletes down and criticize them. Women bring just as much intensity as men do; they may show it differently but trust me, women get just as crazy as men do when it comes to game time!!!

Most people just worry whether women can handle the intensity that men seem to have when playing sports. Joe Green offered his input that women would suffer more injury if a guy came barreling at her at full speed rather than a female. This is technically true because of our different body builts but yet I still strongly believe that women can cause great injuries to guys.

I just do not see the problem. It is not like its all girls and one guy playing on the field at a time; it is a mixture of both. The top athletes will play and if that includes females, who the hell should care?!?! Society changes every day so guys literally need to get the sticks out of their asses and just play the game…not worry about what gender is playing beside you.

The New York Times wrote a piece about the newest rendition of the classic movie, Air Bud; Air Bud World Pup. Even though this movie depicts the talents of one incredible dog named Buddy, it also sheds some light on a controversial topic in society today. The soccer team had gone co-ed in the movie and even though the boys were skeptical at first, they shut their mouths once they saw how good of an athlete she was.

That is how it should be. Fine, you can make all the snide remarks you want about female athletes, but if they are just as good as you and they prove their talents on the field, why keep going on with the comments? Clearly they are here for the same reason as them and the fact that they are getting crap for it, is highly unjust and unfair. Women prove everyday that they are just as good as the guys are in sports but yet they get nothing…

I can not even picture a world where it was not like this in sports, but it is difficult because of the stubbornness of the male athletes. I hate that things are not changing. I am not even asking for every team to go co-ed, but if a girl/guy wants to try out for a girl/guy sports team, then there should be no problem with that. It is there decision and they should be able to make it themselves, not society.

(and they do!!)


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