One Giant Step For Womankind

This is for all the men that said that women could not play sports; were not strong or tough enough to handle the game! This is a story of a young girl that aspired to play football, being one of the guys.


Erin Ferris always had a love for sports, whether it was for soccer or anything else; but she felt that something was missing. She loved watching football all her life, but she was sick of sitting on the sidelines…she wanted to be closer!!


Yes! I do mean on the field, she wanted to play football for the Chicopee High School team. She played when she was younger, but now grown up, she was ready for that competitiveness that was missing.


Of course people resented having a girl play alongside tough and rugged men. They thought that there were plenty of other sports that would be happy to have her skills contribute to their team; however it was not good enough for her. She wanted to be there, under the lights, protecting the quarterback and running for touchdowns.


I cannot blame her! I always wanted to play football for as long as I could remember! I have always been a big jock, but never had the courage to tryout for football because of my tiny body structure. I mean I can easily take a hit, but these guys that played also had a lot of height on me, so I felt useless to the team, so I never tried out.


But it was pretty cool seeing a girl playing alongside the boys, changing the “appearance” of the game. With her determination and courage, she offered a new incentive for women athletes everywhere. Do not be scared to try anything new, because the moment you do is when you really lose!  Go for what you want even if society says you can’t! Make the changes it will take in order for you to get where you want to be! If you end up regretting the steps you never take is what really takes a toll on you.


Erin Ferris was one of the handful of women who decided to challenge society’s norms within sports and tryout for a “man’s sport”. Well she earned every minute she played and her position because she played with the big dogs and was good enough to make the team! Good for you Erin and I hope you enjoyed your years playing football, because not many females can say that! So cherish that!


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