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The Girls Are Here!

I agree that in many sports there is unequal pay between men and women.  However I do not think this can be said for ever sport, for example tennis women and men might not play one another but their income, the tournaments they play in share the same cash prizes.

The world’s top four -­ ­Serena Williams, Victoria ­Azarenka, Maria Sharapova and Li Na – are big earners with their tournament winnings, sponsorships and ­endorsements. Financial bible Forbes has just ranked Sharapova, Williams and Li in the list of the world’s top 100 earning sports stars of 2013, with Azarenka close to the 100. They were the only women in the list. But more significantly, only three male tennis players were also included, show-ing the huge ground women have gained in the sport. Sharapova’s total income for 2013 was more than Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal netted, while Williams and Li were not far behind those two men.

I would love to see Serena and someone like Nadal play a match, could this happen? Maybe, but probably not for ant type of tournament or special recognition. Yes this is not fair and really I don’t get it at all. But I’d bet it would be a very close match!