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I have learned a lot from working on this blog and learning about everyone’s experiences regarding the issues between men and women sports really opened my eyes to how it can really affect someone. My blog really opens one’s eyes to the issues no one ever noticed before in sports. Just because women are finally allowed to participate in sports, does not mean that the issues are not still there. Society has been making progress for equality in sports for both genders, I guess I am just impatient and want to see more!


Each blog I post offers a new issue that we tend to overlook, well because changes do not happen on a dime, so we just look the other way. I often relate these issues with popular movies that I know people have watched, giving them a better sense of my arguments in my posts. Being able to attract the reader’s attention is key to being a good blogger, or you would be talking to yourself! Knowing your audience and knowing the best way to grab your reader’s attention is the key to a successful blog.


I feel that my blog adds a different taste to these issues, compared to other similar bloggers. I have dealt with these issues first-hand and know the struggles of being a female athlete in a male-dominated sporting world. Some bloggers only see the differences, like on television or something, but I see it live whenever I step out onto the field. I also have a strong opinion on the matter which s necessary in order to get your point across. I tend to include a lot of edge, sass and attitude in my posts, only to really connect with the readers and show that I do care a lot about what I am talking about. It is important for your reader’s to know how you feel about the subject matter, because it would be a boring blog just to give facts in each post.


Am I trying to make changes within sports from this blog?

In a sense no. I really am only trying to offer people the facts on how the division of sports affected people’s lives. Many people have dreams of becoming professional athletes and stutter at the chance because they are worried that they will not be given the same opportunities as everyone else, especially women. I really just want people to understand what is going on and how it can impact other people.


Does this blog offer too much attitude within its content?

I personally do not think so. Every good writer needs to be able to relate and really feel for what they are writing about. I am a female athlete and experiencing these issues first hand, I feel that I am entitled to include a little bit of sass and attitude in my content. I am not being rude when I write, it is just important as a writer for the readers to understand your opinions and feelings about the matter.


I have been lucky enough to gain some feedback for my blog from my fellow peers! It really is just as important as a blogger/writer to work with your audience with their feedback. They are the ones reading it, so why not include their opinions o everything? The readers are just as important as the content itself.

It seems that they have some questions for me to answer!


Do you believe that women’s rights in sports are getting better or getting worse?

That is a great question! I do personally feel that women are getting more opportunities than they did in the past. I just still see many issues that divide our genders even further apart. Like we live in a world that is trying t0 promote equality, but yet they do not force that so much in sports. But in a fairness, I do think women’s rights in sports are getting better, just at a snails pace. Women were not allowed to even play sports back in the day and now there are female Olympic athletes; that is progress! It is just going to take forever for women to completely gain all rights in sports!


Can you think of any sport where women are not being objectified?

Thank you for the question! It took me some time to think of an answer for this because women are always being critiqued in almost every sport, in one way or another. But if I had to choose, I would probably say golf. They are not wearing revealing clothing or only being judged by their looks; they have a talent that they want to share with the world. I also feel that because golf is not in the top five favorite sports, that women can relax and focus on their game without having to worry about the crude comments and such afterwards.


Do you hope that both men and women read your blog so that both can be aware of the differences in sports?

Great question! I do hope that men and women read this blog and notice how society has been working within sports. A lot of people just accept how society puts everyone for us and turn the other cheek if anything does not go according to plan. Even though this is an issue that cannot be changed over night, it is still really important to understand what is going on around us and how it affects everyone.


Should there be petitions against women’s uniforms?

Good question! I never understood the reasons as to why women had to wear such revealing clothing for sports and the guys got to wear comfortable, appropriate attire. Why do women have to play sports half-naked while men are fully clothed? It lowers women’s esteem and belittles their talents for the game because everyone is looking at their bodies and not their talents on the field. I do feel that there should be a petition at least for women to be able wear normal uniforms for sports if they want to! I do not see this ever changing with sports but if women want to wear something more comfortable and less revealing, then I would definitely petition their way to it!


Did I miss anything else? If so, please feel free to comment below and ask anything you would like! I am happy to answer them! Ask away and I will get back to them ASAP!!!!!

Thank you everyone for the questions!


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