A, B, C…Inequality

American sports will never truly allow women athletes to be equal with male athletes. Both genders deserve equal opportunities because they both earned the right to. Committees should see past the gender and allow women to play just as aggressively as the men do. Do you think men would really get bothered if women were given the same rules and chances as them? Every athlete should follow one standard and generic guideline of rules. Focus on the actual talent of the player, rather than the gender they belong to.


Get over it guys, women are making a comeback and we are not going anywhere!! Hell, I don’t see why gender was ever an issue in the first place! I am a female athlete, and it pisses me off seeing how different women athletes are treated. Just because men are selfish and stubborn, they get all the recognition, fame and money. Knock knock, who’s there, not women; because they were not allowed to play! Let women play as tough as the men do, if they want to risk injury then that is their choice, not someone else’s.


Men are just ignorant and it is annoying that they get everything handed to them and women have to work for it. No reason for women to to be treated this way or have to deal with this kind of segregation. Olympics should not be limiting what events women can participate in and what rules they must follow. People want to watch top athletes and not once did they say only male athletes. Questioning why women were never allowed to play back in the day. Reading magazines and  newspapers, I shouldn’t be only seeing male athletes. Salaries are another major difference when we are breaking down men and women athletes.


The females worked their butts off just to get a chance, only to not get the same recognition and media coverage as the guys do. Understanding the female athlete’s mind and needs will forever be a struggle for men. Venting about this issue won’t make a change, but I’m hoping that it will raise some kind of awareness. Wondering if this will always be the case or if things will change in the sporting world. X-rays are always available for athletes, including women athletes.


Yearning for that true sense of equality will always be embedded in female athlete’s minds. Zillions of women, now and in the future, want to see these changes not just discussed but PUT INTO ACTION!!!


Women Crush Wednesday


Maria Lenk was an avid swimmer from Brazil just waiting for the day that she can compete in the Olympic Games. Well she got her wish in 1932 at the Los Angeles Olympic Games. A young 17 year old was no doubt one of the greatest athletes Brazil had to offer.

She made history when she became the first Brazilian and South-American women to compete in the Games. She also was the first Brazilian to actually set a world record in swimming. Competing for national ranks, she made outstanding accomplishments over the years, with one of them being, the first women in the entire world to swim the butterfly stroke in an official competition.

Her dreams were sadly cut short when WWII happened and the games were cancelled. She could have easily have more Olympic history that year if only the chance was open for her. She later retired her swimsuit in 1942 but still competed for Masters events.

In 1988, she was inducted into the FINA Swimming Hall of Fame and awarded the “Top Ten” award only given to the best of the best masters swimmers around the world. In 2004, she received the Adhemar Ferreira da Silva Trophy for her lifetime achievements. In February of 2007, the mayor of Brazil named their newest Aquatic Park venue after her, that held events for swimming and diving. One of her biggest moments, even though it happened after her passing, the Brazilian Swimming Trophy had changed its name to the Maria Lenk Trophy in honor of her outstanding accomplishments throughout her lifetime.

Her name will forever be remembered and her accomplishments and efforts will forever shine in Brazil and throughout the sporting world. She deserves the utmost respect and credibility for her triumphs and earned every bit of recognition she received. She definitely set the bars high for swimming athletes everywhere!

We started from the bottom, now we’re…..still there

It took them forever to finally add women to the Olympics, but I am not sure why it took quite this long. Women should have been just as much involved with the world-wide competition as the men were. In 1990 only 2.2% were female athletes, like what?? That was what like a few athletes, props to those females that got their chance!


But by 2012, the female athlete count for the Olympics jumped to 44.3% which is more like it!! That is pretty close to half of the total athletes competing in the Olympics. This is how it should be..and even amount of both gender athletes.


In an article I recently read, even though women were allowed in the Olympics, they still were not able to compete in a handful of the events. Women were excluded from weightlifting, boxing, cycling, wrestling, and water polo for the Summer Games while ice hockey and bobsledding were not offered to female athletes during the Winter Games.


This seriously annoys me, like I am sure that there were many women who trained their asses off for the Olympics, just to find out that they wasted their time and efforts because the Committee will not let them play in that event. That is stupid! Once women earned their way into the Olympics, they should not have been limited to the types of events they can participate in.


Women will always and forever be fighting this fight of equality, especially in sports! Sports are a “guy’s thing” and we should not even be thinking about changing that! I just like seeing how in today’s Olympics, the women athletic events are seemingly just as popular than the men’s. I know that when I watch the Olympics, there are plenty of events for female athletes that I do not want to miss.


I don’t know, I think it is because women are always fighting for equal opportunities that when I get to see them play, it is just so much fun to watch and entertaining for me! The intensity for women’s sports is just remarkable and you can definitely see it when they play.


We will fight to the finish! We are down but certainly not out!

In the future…


The day will come where we can all, men and women be joined on the same field fighting for the same thing! We will not be judged by our physical appearances or talents any longer! We will fight as ONE and put our differences aside to come out on top in the end. Both men and women have a lot to offer in sports, so we will combine our efforts to be unbeatable!

…and this is where it will all begin!!

Who really wears the pants??

And to think we were making progress towards equality in sports…

Women faced another issue when trying to earn their spots on sporting teams. Women were told they could wear shorts or skirts as uniforms. How thoughtful of them! Women had to wear revealing clothing when they played?? WHAT A SHOCKER THERE!!

Here we are, as women trying to earn the same opportunities as men on the field, and when we do, we have to dehumanize ourselves in order to fit in. Men wore pants for uniforms because they were thought to be more professional of sporting attire, but yet women had to wear short shorts or skirts when they played.

I just do not understand why there has to be so many differences between sports for men and women! We are all playing the same game, so why not make the rules and uniforms the same?

A blog I have recently read, explains how what men wear on the fields expresses masculinity because they are seen to be in a professional state of mind. I feel that if we looked at what women wear, we would not get the same reaction…AT ALL!!

It continues to be an on-going argument about whether to allow girls to wear pants for uniforms. I know that in my high school, we were allowed to wear either, but they did make a big stink about it! Women just want to look the part and professional and we all believed that pants could help us out there. Realistically, shorts are not the proper attire when it comes to playing softball. Other sports, yes but not this one.

Pants are just necessary for both genders to wear because of the professional look to them and it just makes sense. I wish that not everything women wanted to change, would be just a catastrophic thing and just let it happen…but no, why make things easy for everyone?

No matter the gender, when it comes down to playing softball or baseball, all athletes should wear pants for uniforms. It would be easier for sliding purposes and they just look nicer.

Money is ALL Object

The men strike again!!!

The male athletes once again, show that they matter more than the female athletes. Besides the many reasons of the lack of equality for all athletes, one in particular stood out to me:

Women athletes make much less money in their professional athletic stages of their lives than the men do and I never understood as to why that was. Women are playing at the same intensity level as the men, but yet they still fall short to them.

Orange Julius argues that women get paid less because they are not as good of athletes as the men. It is not a gender thing, so sexism was not an issue, but people seem to think that people would rather pay their money on tickets to see men play than women.


Male athletes are getting paid tens of millions of dollars while the best of the best female athletes only earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. I am not saying that chunk of money is bad; it is just that, it is so unfair! Women should not have to worry about gender equality discrepancies all the time and even playing the game they love, they still have to deal with it.

Male athletes are said to bring in more fans than female athletes and that is why they earn more, but the thing is, women have only been playing sports for so long. They were not always allowed to play sports because it was said to be a “man’s thing”. Women had to bust their butts just to have a right to play and now, still to this day, they are fighting for that spot.

I will tell you right now, if I had to choose between a baseball game and the U.S. women’s’ soccer game, I am so going to the soccer game! I think, well for some sports, women athletes are just tougher than the men, especially soccer. I hate watching guy’s soccer because they are babies.

Women are much tougher than the men are in soccer, without a doubt!!

But no….women soccer athletes still earn less than the male athletes…typical!

Just proves my consistent point that society does not want men and women to be equal and being an athlete only supports that argument even further.

“Women Crush Wednesday”

Wilma Rudolph will forever be a name that will go down in history for track and field. Even though many of us today might not have recognized the name right away however, if they did some research they would find that she is a woman of great talent!

In 1960 she was the first American woman to have ever won three gold medals in track and field events. The thing that was so inspiring was that she grew up in braces and special walking shoes. She was told by doctors and people that she was to never walk again.

If this is not an act of great determination, I don’t know what is! I probably would have given up early on or just settled for the fact that I might never walk again if I was her, but no, she strived for what she wanted and got it.

This woman that went beyond her measures, made not only Olympic history, but history itself. She set the standards very high after her amazing accomplishments that she well-deserved.

If a woman can overcome the worst of polio and cheated death, then this woman deserves every right to wear her gold medals around her neck proudly. Honestly, hearing her story is remarkable, because not many people would have done what she did.

This just proves how tough women really are and how determined we are to make it to the big leagues and be recognized for the talents we surely do have!!