Amanda Bynes displays a perfect example of how poorly women athletes are treated, in the hit movie, She’s The Man. Her high school’s women soccer was cut because there was not enough girls signed up. Her and her friends devised up a plan to transform herself into her brother in order to play for the boys team.


Even though this movie is by far, one of my all-time favorite movies…it is really sad to actually see the truths regarding women and sports. Men would just laugh and think they are crazy or that they are not as athletic as men are. It disgusts me to know end how badly people did not women to be included in sporting events.

Like, why? Seriously, why was it such a big issue?


Amanda Bynes ended up scoring the winning goal of a rivalry game. She scored as a girl because she was caught impersonating a boy.


A very inspirational and emotional moment happened at that moment……


The captain of the team spoke up for Amanda Bynes and basically she had too much talent not to be able to play in the game. Even though the other coach was furious and did not want to allow it, but they let her play and she kicked ass!


Amanda Bynes did what not many girls would have done…she did not let society determine her fate for her. She took a stand and let her talents for soccer speak for her. She stunned everyone!!!


This story just proves that sometimes you have to bend the rules in order to get where you want/need to be. She had so much determination to play soccer and did whatever she had to in order to make that happen. I would definitely have done the same thing if I was in her position.


Society just needs to realize how much talent women athletes have to offer and get over the fact of their gender. It should not matter and I feel like people would enjoy sports more if they were not so focused on the sex of the athletes.




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