“Women Crush Wednesday”

Charlotte Dod, a.k.a. “Lottie Dod”, was the youngest women in tennis history to win the Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles Championship at the age of 15. She went hone to win this competition for another four times.

She was an English women, with a love for sports, not only tennis, but especially tennis! She also raised some great athletic skills for other sports, such as; golf, field hockey, and archery.

She was gifted enough to win the British Ladies Amateur Golf Championship, playing with the England women’s national field hockey team and also win a silver medal during the 1908 Summer Olympics, in the archery event.


She really sets the bar high for aspiring female athletes!! The Guinness Book of Records named her the most versatile female athletes of all time! How many female and male athletes can say have these kinds of accomplishments under their belts? Probably none! This is not something you can easily earn, it takes time and a whole lot of effort and determination and heart to get to where Lottie Dod got during her lifetime

What is interesting enough though, is that none of these sports that she excelled in offered the same kinds of talents for each. I mean, if I was good in tennis, I would not assume I had some hidden talent in archery or field hockey or golf. All these sports have so much different talents that she needed to have in order to be successful. But she worked hard and persevered and became a world-wide icon for female athletes and will forever be a name that women will remember!!!



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