I Guess Less Is More

I know I have already touched base with the whole uniform issues among gender sports, but now i would like to go further into the reasons as to why and off insights from athletes themselves. It is not so much that women have been allowed to play sports, I see it as a new sexuality is making its way to the big leagues.


Women often deal with the pressures of the media and other people about their appearances, clearly it is way more than they thought! Beach volleyball, the girls are to wear basically, a swimsuit! The uniforms are supposed to look small for their bodies, preventing any resistance I guess.


Do women even have a say in what they wear?? If they did, I am sure they would choose a uniform that was more comfortable and flattering for themselves. It is a little excessive to watch event after event in track or field, volleyball or even tennis for that matter, as see the revealing outfits they are to wear.


If you really think about it, basketball might possibly be the only sport that offers longer shorts to women; but then again, I believe that there is another reason for that. But, that is an entirely different topic. Janis Prince Inniss offers her insight about women athlete’s uniforms, being a track runner herself.


Inniss knows personally what people expect her to wear when she participates in her events for track and field, but yet she cannot help wonder if there is a reason she has to wear underwear and a bra (pretty much). Male athletes can wear comfortable and appropriate clothing, but women are to wear shorts up their asses and bras to show off your tits (in a way).


But even other sports like gymnastics and figure skating, women are wearing tight leotards and short dresses, while the men are in shorts, pants and long-sleeves. It really just does not make sense to me.


Another incentive comes down to one’s religion. You cannot expect women of a highly religious background to wear the type of clothing other women athletes wear. They accommodate to their religious beliefs and wear what is necessary, but comfortable for them…so why cannot other women wear a little more flattering clothing?


Tahmina Kohstani of Afghanistan, adjusted her sporting attire for her events in track and field to accommodate her religious views and beliefs. She wore the traditional hijab and long-sleeved shirts and pants to help not to disobey any modesty laws back home. She is proud of her religion and would not dear to threaten it just because the sporting world wants to see women practically naked.


Clearly the only women women can get publicity is to be remembered as the girl half-naked…not by their talents! Women are often, if not  all the time, recognized by their looks first, talents second. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???


Nope! Marta Jasinska explains her thoughts about women and how she never really realized how discriminating the world can be towards women and that it seems that the only way women can be accepted is by the clothing she wears.




I guess I am just confused as to why people play sports to begin with… Is it because they actually have talent? Or is it because they can parade around half-naked and be publicly recognized for that? I wish I knew now.


Guys of course, are looked at as great athletes with exceptional talent! Women are looked at with amazing bodies and great looks….and then their talents! Do you see where I am going with this? Women are looked at as objects, even in sports and it is disgusting in my eyes!


Why is it acceptable for women athletes to flaunt around half-naked, earn millions and be “icons” for the world? Oh because guys love it, that’s why! I wish this was not an issue, but clearly society cannot get past the good looks women offer to them. Talent should always come first, no matter what, but society feels otherwise!


This is why society is screwed up! Guys are talented and women have looks…that is the bottom line that the world is summing up for us. It really is a shame, but it seems like there is nothing anyone ca do about it, except to just let it happen; and clearly that is what we are doing; just letting it happen!!


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