Will This Nightmare Ever End??

If only social issues could have simple and quick endings like those in movies or anything else. But, nope!! the problems are still here and we have to deal with them everyday. Men and women will forever have their differences and realize they both are too stubborn for change.

Change is always happening and if one door closes, another opens up. Women were shut down for many years about joining sports teams, but they persevered and earn their right to play. Once they thought their dreams of playing sports were long gone, fate surprised them!

But now women still face issues in sports and it begs the question, will this nightmare ever end? Why can’t everyone just play and get past the genders? Life would be so much easier if men and women were not always trying to compete against one another.

Maybe one day things will look better for women, but until then, they will remain in the same rut as they were before they were allowed to play sports! The answer is simple, this nightmare will never end because there will always be issues and differences between men and women and that will never change!


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