Women’s Ski Jumping Finally Added to Olympics

Why did it take so long for the F.I.S. and the I.O.C. to include women’s ski jumping in the Olympics?

Men’s Olympic Ski Jumping was added in 1924 and it was not until ninety years later that the Committee announced Women’s Ski Jumping was to be included.  For years and years, women fought for the same chance men were given; to represent their country in one of the greatest competitions around the world. The Committee did not want to include the event because of the high medical risk that comes along with the sport. But yet, it was safe enough for men to be involved in? It was not until Olympians Lindsey Van and Jessica Jerome, as well as others sued the Vancouver Olympics for not including the women event.  Even though they won and earned an equal chance to represent their country, women were still limited to one event whereas the guys may participate in two. There were no reasons to diminish the rights women have to fully participate in a sport they love, without restrictions. Finally female ski jumpers were opened up to a world where they always wanted to belong to, an equal world with the men, as they much deserved it.

Lindsey Van, an Olympic Ski Jumper, speaks her mind after the acceptance of this event in the Olympics, “But to know that there’s this opportunity for women now, I can’t even begin to explain how amazing that feels.”

In the end, women once again proved that they are just as tough as the men are and deserve every right to be fully apart of the Olympics if they so choose.

“I think it shows that the girls are just as strong as the boys,” said James Hill of The New York Times.

When will the dividing gender barrier be fully broken down?


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  1. Sometimes I wonder if things will ever be equal between men and women. There are so many differences, even though there really shouldn’t be. I would love to watch professional women’s hockey!

  2. I’m honestly surprised that they never had women’s ski jumping in the Olympics. Its a gender-diverse event, and like any sport, women should be able to participate alongside men.

  3. I didn’t think ski-jumping was something that was gender discriminate. What’s the difference between a 135 lbs. man flying through the air at 80 mph and a 100 lbs. woman doing the same besides the fact that the woman will probably fly farther? Glad they added this to the Olympics because it’s pretty ignorant not to have it.

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