As One We Are Weak, Together We Can Dominate


I think the Olympics is the perfect sense of community with regards to athletes. What better way to come together for friendly competition, than a world-wide Olympic battle that shows who is boss? I knew that many years ago, women were not allowed to even play a sport, let alone be apart of a world-wide competition for their countries. Guys wanted to win and assumed that the only way to win was to keep the “weak” females away from the games. What they did not know was that women had a lot to offer for the games they wanted to play. Once they got the chance to participate, you saw the numbers skyrocket because the women turned out to be great athletes. Today, you see that the top sports that people love to watch includes soccer; U.S. women’s soccer dominates every single Olympic game as well as the World Cups that they play in. You always hear female soccer players names because the women are who to watch nowadays. Same with softball. Softball got eliminated from the Olympics because U.S. won almost every year. Do you see men’s sports getting eliminated because they always win? However, women are rapidly showing the world their talents and most of the time they offer more than the males do. even though each team is competing against one another, the gender segregation stops for a short period of time. Within that short period of time, the men and women athletes come together and combine their strengths to win the gold for their countries. It is just a good and promising feeling seeing these famous athletes not have to worry about their gender differences during such an important part in their lives that only comes every four years. This action only slowly sparks the navigation to all athletes, does not have to be professional athletes. We should all be considered a community because no matter what, we are all representing the same thing, honor. Athletes take pride in their sporting abilities, so gender really should never play a part in that.


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